Strive • Dedicate • Create



We are a student-based organization that recruits the creative talents of alfaisal university's students and utilizes that talent to plan and organize groundbreaking events.



Through our two-year training program, we aim to develop the social and analytical skills of our members, help them create and foster connections with other organizations, and most importantly provide them with the expertise they need to take on the world.



AlFaisal University:

  • Enhance the social life and college experience of the university.
  • Expand AlFaisal’s capabilities.
  • Ensure AlFaisal’s continuous development.
  • Collaborate with world-renowned experts

For SDC’s members:

  • Gain valuable knowledge that can be applied beyond alfaisal.
  • Ensure SDC’s members acquire skills needed for success.
  • Familiarize students with teamwork and leadership.
  • Challenge students to meet higher expectations.


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At this time of year. we renew loyalty and allegiance to our beloved country. Providing authentic Saudi food and sharing a piece of our heritage.
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An innovative concept to the Riyadh region. An event that comes to life through our attendees input and creativity. A new interactive experience.
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An event were people could let loose and enjoy different gaming experiences ranging from video games to virtual realities
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A trip through three alternative mazes the wilderness jungle, enchanted wonderland, or the sahara desert. The only way to get out is to solve the riddles inside.
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With our annual Carnival we decided to make it with a twist based in late 20’s.
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An event based solely on food, more than 80 local food vendors!
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With the carnival coming back, it has met greater standards and much more fun games!
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An exciting night that gathered fans of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid football teams to share the adrenaline of the final match.
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Various students presented marvelous talents on stage and those who impressed our judges received awards!
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An interactive event that includes games, food and relaxing stations. It was also a platform for startup businesses to promote themselves.
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An event where, Riyadh’s gamers where able to enjoy various games and compete in tournaments.
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Students are given a chance to represent their country and familiarize themselves with the culture and tradition of other countries.
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A camping event that united friends and family for a memorable day in the great outdoors.
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Students met their prospective professors and colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment.


Salman Alsaghyir


Sarah Alessa

Vice President



  • Reema Aljobair


  • Demma Alomran

  • Noura Alharbi

  • Fahad Almalluh

  • Zuhair ALmusallam

  • Reema Alsaif

  • Sara Bin Hurazi

  • Abdulaziz Alblehed

  • Mohammed Almunajem


  • Aliya Altukhaifi

  • Haifia Albahli

  • Hala Aldugaither

  • Mohammed Alturki

  • Dalal Abahussain

  • Lolwa Alsheikh

  • Hessa Alabduljabbar

  • Hind Albabtain

  • Khalid Alassaf

  • Jawaher Alzaid

  • Nora AlHagbani

  • Reema Alotaibi

  • Tuleen Alsaud

  • Fahad Jarman

  • Sarah Alfayez

  • Amal Alhussain

  • Lulwa Alajlan

  • Yasmeen Aldosseri

  • Mishal Alathel

  • Saud Alsughyir

  • Saad Alibrahem

  • Meshal Alshowair

  • Abdulaziz Alshammari



  • Haifa AlRowaita


  • Layan Alayed

  • Saud Almoammar

  • Noura Alessa

  • Saud Aldugaither

  • Sarah Almuhanna

  • Mohammed Alomran


  • Anoud Alsaleem

  • Abdulrahman BinKhezaiem

  • Fahda Alsuai

  • Hadeel Almajid

  • Hala Alkamis

  • Naif Akshathri

  • Rakan Alabdulkaber

  • Saud Alyahya

  • Norah BinSulaiman

  • Nouf Alsultan

  • Reema Alowaidi

  • Shaha Alsathri

  • Abdulaziz Alsaghyir

  • Lina Almolhem

  • Najd AlHammad

  • Naid Alhammad

  • Bandar Alsudairi

  • Yousef Aseafan


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